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There’s no replacement for a live class…but the comforts of home are hard to beat! For those days (or nights) when you want a class at your fingertips, you can browse to your heart’s content.

My primary teaching style is Hatha Yoga, which takes things a little more slowly – you’ll have more long holds and focus on steady breathing. We do incorporate strength, so be prepared to challenge yourself on multiple levels! (That said, I rarely push you to the point of soreness or exhaustion 🙂 ) 

What to expect

  • Classes are streamed from my living room or a home studio. (Which often looks lived in.)
  • I practice poeses with you, and may change my orientation so you can see me better.
  • During Livestream recordings, you might hear me talking to people or pets who were there that day.
  • My cat likes to cameo, and sometimes interrupt, when I teach.

In short, these recordings are perfectly imperfect, with minimal editing or polish. Kind of like life, yes?

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For only $25/month, you can have on-demand access to recorded Livestream classes and all Short Sequences! The cache of videos is ever-expanding, so you can find your favorites or peruse all new material all the time.

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If our schedules aren’t syncing up, or you want to squeeze a mini-class into your day, check out the recordings below! Short Sequences uploaded in the past two weeks are marked as *New*. Rental livestreams disappear after a couple of months; if you’d like access to the full archive, you can purchase a Video Membership.

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Try before you buy: Free sample classes

Livestream Classes

These are full-length classes streamed weekly from my living room. The collection continually updates; choose a class that interests you, or revisit an old favorite.

Short Sequences

Sometimes you don’t have time for a full class! I create these 20- to 40-minute short sequences roughtly every week to give you a movement break and brief way to get you into your body. These mini classes (complete with savasana) are a great reset.

Take A Class with Me

Want to try a live class? Register for a livestream or join me in-person!

Quick Tips

Looking for free content that helps with everyday soreness or specific poses? Head over to the Quick Tips for 5-minute video support.