Public Yoga Classes

Please note: As of September 2019, my public class schedule has changed slightly. My Monday class has shifted time and changed location; so has one of my Friday classes. Information on the calendar below is up to date.

Upcoming Workshops & Series

Gong Restorative Workshop

Friday, October 18th 

6:30-8:30 pm at The Yoga Tree in Fremont

Gong Restorative is a deeply relaxing and nourishing class, combining the release available through a Restorative practice with the soothing vibrations of the gong. We’ll start with a brief introduction to the history of the gong, the transformative properties of sound healing, and experience vibration in the form of chanting. From there, we’ll transition to a light warmup, and relax into poses held for several minutes. Amanda will play the gong while you are supported on your mat, allowing you to fully experience the powerful effect of vibration.

Mechanics of Twists: Supporting a Supple Spine

Saturday, November 16th

1-4pm at The Yoga Tree in Fremont

For most people, contorting into uncomfortable shapes in yoga class is not the goal – we don’t all want to be human pretzels. However, harnessing the spine’s mobility to twist offers numerous benefits for deep breathing, side bends, and better posture overall. Over-twisting or forcing the spinal joints, on the other hand, can lead to degeneration and instability. In this class, we’ll isolate our capacity for safe movement in the spine, learn to harness our shoulders in support of that goal, and refine both our basic twists and pretezly postures so they support a lifetime of practice.

Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery

An 8-week series, dates & time TBD 

Over a series of 8 weeks, participants will learn how Hatha yoga connects to the principles of eating disorder recovery. Our goal is to teach new skills to assist on your healing journey. Each class combines a yoga practice, group de-brief, and a discussion about the recovery process. Some classes will include a mindful eating experience. The book 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder will be utilized throughout the series and may interest participants.

This class will be co-taught with Kristen Schweers, MS, RD, CD, who is an eating disorder professional. To learn more about Kristen, you can visit her website here.


*Space will be limited to 10 students*

Pricing: $375 early registration, $425 regular registration