Public Yoga Classes

COVID-19 Adjustments 

(Last updated 8/6/20)

We’re moving back to in-person classes! Slowly. And with caution.

The governor’s phase plan has been modified, and we’re in a limbo version of Phases 2 and 3. Yoga studios and fitness centers can now reopen, with strong limitations. Unfortunately, some new limitations may force smaller studios to close their in-person options again, so stay tuned as everything keeps changing.

The Yoga Tree and Aditi have re-opened with a combination in-person and Zoom schedule! Vertical World has reopened for limited climbing only, with no projected date for yoga/fitness classes to start up again.

Changes have been put into place (per the government’s requirements) including wearing masks, washing hands, and limiting classes to 5 students and 1 teacher. Due to limited space, pre-registration is still required. Please review details about protocol, scheduling, etc, on the studios’ websites before signing up for an in-person class. 

I am returning bit by bit to teaching with a modified schedule, including a few online-only options. Some “regular” class times may not come back. As always, my most current schedule (including subbing) is reflected below. 

New Online Class! Tuesday evenings at 6pm
Now teaching Post- & Prenatal classes at Aditi on Tuesdays

Registering for Classes

I have one online class that is independently hosted; you can register for that by clicking below, or going to my Scheduler page. Most of my classes are offered through local studios, and you can pre-register through their websites.

Mondays –
Online while Live
in Wallingford

**NEW CLASSES! Post & Prenatal on Tuesdays**

Please pre-register for either format!

Tuesdays 6pm – Online only

Please pre-register so you can get the Zoom link!

Tuesdays 4pm – Online only &
Fridays – Online while Live
in Fremont

Please pre-register for either format!

Seattle Location Reopened Aug 3rd

…but not for fitness classes. Yet.

Upcoming Workshops & Series

Mechanics of Movement for Teachers:
A Deep Dive Into Your Yoga & Cueing Practice

A 6-week series – October 5th through November 14th
Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm via Zoom
+2 in-person sessions, Saturdays Oct 17th and Nov 14th, 10am-1pm, in Lynnwood

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As yoga teachers, we are adapting to online instruction and limited face time. How do we take students deeper but save them from cueing confusion? In this 6-week online series (plus 2 in-person sessions), we will explore in detail how anatomy influences yoga postures, and how to adapt for unique movement patterns. Each week will build on functional principles and critical thinking. We’ll also discuss why some oft-repeated yoga cues may actually be limiting (or even hurting!) your class. Come prepared to discuss, experience, and ask questions.

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Pre-registration required

Pricing: $490 total (payment plan available)

Yoga for Eating Disorder Recovery

An 8-week series, dates & time TBD 

Over a series of 8 weeks, participants will learn how Hatha yoga connects to the principles of eating disorder recovery. Our goal is to teach new skills to assist on your healing journey. Each class combines a yoga practice, group de-brief, and a discussion about the recovery process. Some classes will include a mindful eating experience. The book 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder will be utilized throughout the series and may interest participants.

This class will be co-taught with Kristen Schweers, MS, RD, CD, who is an eating disorder professional. To learn more about Kristen, you can visit her website here.


*Space will be limited to 10 students*

Pricing: $375 early registration, $425 regular registration