Picture this: Two women are caught in a storm.

The wind lashes their bodies, the rain blinds and chills them, the thunder is so deafening they can barely think. After an interminable time, the skies clear. The women recover. And they begin to share their experience.

The first woman worries and wonders about how the storm came upon her.

She tells others of her innocence, of the senselessness and ferocity of the gale. Each time she relives the tale, she remembers how frightened, how panicked, how out of control she felt. And she quakes at the thought of another tempest.

The second woman marvels and celebrates the clearing of the skies.

She tells others of her survival, of her perseverance in the face of a situation beyond her control. Each time she relives the tale, she remembers how fear turned to determination, how panic motivated her strength. And she defiantly walks new paths, assured that she can weather any storm.

Same storm, different story. Vastly different lives as a result.

Here’s the thing: as with any good parable, the storm is not a storm.

The storm is simply life – nature going about its business, life carrying on. You, my dear reader, are the one walking through the winds of your life. I’m walking through the winds of mine. And that person you crossed paths with – last week, last year, whenever – they’re weathering their own storm.

We all have a story. The question is, how do you tell it? Because it is in the telling where it can make or break your world.

I have seen enough of people hesitating to own their lives, to write their story. Feeling like they’re stuck in things they “have to do,” or worse, that their circumstances are a sentence they’re required to live out – a storm to weather through. People. Are. POWERFUL! We have so much capability to choose and direct our futures! But usually, we stop ourselves based on outdated beliefs that boil down to, “I’m not enough.”

But we are.

People – all humans – are incredible. We have vast, amazing resources housed between our ears and in our hearts. We are more capable, wise, and powerful than we are willing (or perhaps able) to admit. Every one of us has the potential to rock our story, to build our world, to navigate out of the tempest and to create everything we’ve dared desire. If, that is, we can just get out of our own way.

This is where I come in.

See, I am convinced that you are willing to step it up in your life. To ask for what you really want. To OWN the fact – and it is a fact – that you have worth, and power, and creative input in the course of your time on earth. More importantly, I’m willing to walk alongside you for a spell, holding up a mirror to your awesomeness, offering guidance and tools to navigate the current weather patterns in your atmosphere.

Walking your path and telling your story with confidence requires commitment. There is no end goal; the journey is what matters.

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