Yoga that goes beyond the body.

 Yoga is more than an exercise program.


That said…exercise is how we get you in the door.  🙂

Hi, I’m Amanda! I teach Yoga – note that capital Y – in Seattle, WA, and online. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Students who love to work with me don’t fit into any age, gender, or experience category. I’m usually a good match for people who want to adjust yoga for their changing or injured body, people who are looking to go deeper (in both intellectual and experiential awareness), and/or people who don’t take themselves too seriously! Sound like you? Well, keep reading!


Take a Look Around

What are you looking for today?


If you’re looking to increase strength and flexibility, learn about how your body moves best, and have a little fun on the way, check out my public and private classes (online and in-person).


For those who are curious about the philosophy behind Yoga, anatomy insights for poses, and how both can improve your life off the mat, check out my targeted workshops or blog posts.


The best part of practicing is plugging into who you are and being fully present. This usually shows up somewhere between body and mind, but you can read more about my take on it via my about page.

Reviews & Testimonials

“I’ve been practicing yoga for 4+ years, but I still have soooo many questions… happily, Amanda has answers! Working one-on-one with her was a tremendous opportunity to re-focus my practice. Based on her ideas for me and my list of challenging poses, Amanda made some eye-opening small but powerful adjustments, which we immediately put into action. Just a simple shift of my standing stance brought newfound stability and flexibility to multiple poses. Amazing! One private lesson has transformed my time in all my classes, even with other instructors. And hey, it was fun, too. So glad I took the plunge. Thanks, Amanda!”

—Mark, 51

I got to learn about the specifics of my body which will help all parts of my practice.


Amanda is funny, warm, non-judgemental and she is an excellent instructor who deeply understands her subject and knows how to explain it.


Amanda’s teaching is so intentional. Her knowledge of alignment and ways of implementing it in class surpasses most other instructors I know. I feel safe, supported, and like I’m absolutely doing something to benefit my body and not just look good on my instagram page.

–Sara, 31, yoga teacher

I just really love Amanda’s style. She is very analytical and precise when it comes to discussing human anatomy and I enjoyed learning from her. Her cues and what to look for in the asanas we covered were descriptive and so easy to follow! 

– Taffy, 46