Private Lessons

In-Person or Online

Why take private lessons?

Having one-on-one instruction offers you the chance to refine, deepen, and enhance your practice. Unlike a public class, private lessons with me have a lot of dialogue and very specific, personalized feedback. You might want this approach if you:

  • Have an injury you’re trying to work around or rehabilitate
  • Feel frustrated with certain poses never feeling comfortable, or “right”
  • Would like to build towards a challenging pose that isn’t often offered in public classes
  • Want to workshop your home practice to attain your personal goals
  • Are brand new to yoga, and feel uncomfortable jumping into a public class without any context or etiquette guidelines

I offer several purchase options for private lessons, depending on what your goals are. Keep scrolling for details and pricing, as well as what you can expect in a lesson. 

Lesson Formats


This is the ideal format for physical feedback, as I can observe you in all three dimensions and offer hands-on adjustments as needed. I currently schedule studio space in Lynnwood or Fremont, and may be willing to travel to your home (depending on location). Please see Covid guidelines at the bottom of this page for my current policy on mask wearing in person.


This format is an excellent choice for those who are not in the Seattle area, who wish to schedule during peak hours (when a studio is unavailable), or who are not comfortable meeting in person due to Covid-19. While there are limitations to visibility and adjustments, there is a cost-saving element, and these are quicker to schedule.

How to Schedule

Currently, all lessons are scheduled via email, as I don’t have regular hours. We will discuss some available and preferred times for you based on lesson format and location, and I will get back to you once I’ve checked studio availability.

You can purchase a lesson or package before or after emailing me to schedule; payment must be received at least 3 days before the first scheduled lesson. When scheduling a package, we will get all sessions on the calendar before the first lesson.

Purchase Options 

Single Lesson Check-In

60 minutes: $130 in-person, $100 online
90 minutes: $175 in-person, $140 online

In one focused session, we dive deep into your questions and tweak a few things that aren’t working in your regular practice. If you already practice with me regularly, you’ll learn how best to apply my group instruction to your personal physical variations.

Great option for:

    • Discussing modifications for an injury
    • Workshopping 3-5 poses that you find difficult or confusing
    • Adjusting an established home practice
    • Asking questions about persistent, minor physical complaints
    • Best for intermediate to advanced practitioners, as there’s little one-on-one follow-up
Ready to Buy?

Select your format and click below to be taken to a checkout page. You can schedule by email before or after purchasing.

Buy a Single Lesson (In-Person)
Buy a Single Lesson (Online)

Package of Three Lessons

60 minutes: $350 in-person, $270 online
90 minutes: $475 in-person, $375 online

We commit to a series of lessons, which allows you to ask more detailed questions, and creates a stronger foundation when building towards your goal(s). This option often includes exercises and poses to do at home, between sessions.

Great option for:

    • Building strength in an injured or chronically weak area of the body (knees or wrists, for example)
    • Workshopping 8-10 poses that you find difficult
    • Attaining mastery of a goal pose; creating a plan to keep you safe and build strong foundations for challenging asanas (such as headstand, arm balances, etc)
    • Exploring your personal alignment and adjusting long-held, unhelpful patterns of movement
    • Helpful for all levels of practitioners except the very beginners; particularly powerful if you have goals in mind
Ready to Buy?

Select your format and click below to be taken to a checkout page. You can schedule by email before or after purchasing.

Buy a Package of 3 (In-Person)
Buy a Package of 3 (Online)

Beginner’s Package

Three 75-minute lessons, $325

In a series of 3 lessons, I set you up to feel confident attending public classes. The curriculum is pre-established, but your questions and discussion make it a unique tailored experience.

What’s included:

    • 20 basic poses – we’ll feel them in our bodies and get familiar with names
    • 3 common sequences – we’ll break them down so you can remember the pieces
    • Personalized modifications – how to approach poses as a beginner with your unique combination of injuries, flexibility, and strength (or lack thereof)
    • Prop use – including what to use and why
    • Etiquette expectations – whether to take off shoes, why we Om, if you should clap or say ‘Namaste’ back
    • Class guidance – what to expect in different class types, and which ones will meet your temperament & goals
    • One sample class – the final class together is led as if it were a public class, so you can get the feel of a class flow

Note: This can be fun to take with a friend! If you’re scheduling together, you can buy one package and get the second one half off. Pricing can be split between two cards as needed. Email to inquire (see button under “How to Schedule”).

In-person only, in Lynnwood or Fremont

What to Expect

Put on your comfy clothes, bring your yoga mat and any favorite props, and think of questions you have or goals you’d like to work on. You can either email me in advance with things you’d like to work on, or we can sort them out together.

If we’re meeting in person, I’ll provide blocks, a blanket, and a bolster; if we’re meeting online, you can use your props or we’ll use household items as substitutes if needed. Online meetings are held via Zoom, ideally with a camera position that allows me to see all or most of your body at once.

We’ll start with a check in and discussion of what we’re trying to accomplish (either for the lesson or the series of lessons), and move into practicing. You can ask as many questions as you like, and I’ll ask for feedback about how things feel in your body.

At the end of the class I’ll create a short write up with drawings to remind you what we worked on (if we’re meeting online, I’ll email this to you). If you have a package, we’ll discuss what you should work on between sessions.

Then, you’ll take your new insights into your practice, out in the world, and to public classes!

Group Classes

Develop strength, flexibility, and awareness with just 60 or 75 minutes of your time, a few times a week. Group classes allow you to move your body and get to know my teaching style. Click below to see my weekly teaching schedule, including class formats and how to register.


Interested in more in-depth practice? Most workshops have a more specific focus, last longer, and allow for more feedback and discussion with yours truly. Click through to check out what’s currently scheduled or get on interest lists.

Video Library

Practice with me on your own time! Gain access to all my recorded Livestream classes, as well as short 20- to 40-minute sequences. Purchase a membership to browse the entire library, or rent an individual class.