Quick Tips

Where body awareness meets real life

Although there are plenty of reasons to practice yoga, for many of us it’s just about getting a little more comfortable in our day-to-day. Below you’ll find videos under 5 minutes to help you make some small adjustments with big impacts, both on and off the mat.

Off the mat

Whether you regularly do yoga or not, increasing your body awareness can do wonders for easing common complaints (like dealing with “desk-asana” posture). Call it yoga, stretching, or beginner’s contortionism – whatever the name, it’ll help you feel better.

On the mat

Sometimes in class, certain poses get short shrift. Maybe you’re thinking about what’s coming next, maybe you’re only in the pose for two seconds, or maybe you think it’s supposed to be uncomfortable; I’m here to help you fine-tune these common body shapes and balance your mental understanding with bodily control.

Try a Class on Your Time

Now that you’ve tweaked a few things, why not try a yoga sequence? You can preview or rent my recorded Livestream classes, as well as short 20- to 40-minute mini-classes. Check it out!

Take A Class with Me

There’s nothing like doing yoga together in real time! View my schedule to find an in-person or Livestream class that works for you. I promise I’ll be gentle with you… 🙂