What I offer

Overview & How to Practice with Me

COVID-19 Adjustments

Last updated 8/5/22 

In-person classes – and life – were profoundly impacted by Covid-19, with many offerings moving to an online only or blended format (myself included). Even now that the peak crisis has passed, locations and teachers are adjusting their offerings and choosing what mask requirements meet their preferences. I will always strive to offer a safe environment to practice, but please choose options that match your comfort level with exposure. If you do attend an in-person event, please review the requirements for masks, personal props, social distancing, pre-registration, etc, before heading to class. 

Asana/Movement Practices

Let’s face it – you think of yoga, you think of movement. While there is more to explore, I believe moving is a great place to start! Exploring movement through asana is a great way to increase strength, flexibility, and an understanding of this lovely bone & muscle contraption we move through the world. My focus when teaching is to help you dive deeper to your internal practice, while supporting your individual body with its own unique alignment.

My primary style is Hatha Yoga, which takes things a little more slowly – you’ll have more long holds and focus on steady breathing. We do incorporate strength, so be prepared to challenge yourself on multiple levels! (That said, I rarely push you to the point of soreness or exhaustion 🙂 )

Group Yoga Classes

3-4 times a week

Prices vary by location

A group class is a great way to move your body, get to know my teaching style, and explore whether I’m a good fit for what you’re looking for. It’s also the easiest way to stay consistent in your practice! Develop strength, flexibility, and awareness with just 60 or 75 minutes of your time, a few times a week.

I currently offer four formats for classes:

In-person Studio Classes

The classic way to practice – physically in the room with your teacher. I can respond to and adjust your poses, hold space for your experience, and model postures in good ole 3D. During COVID times, we are taking extra health precautions, practicing social distancing, and requiring pre-registration. The physical locations I teach are in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and in Lynnwood, WA.

Online Livestream Classes

Practice at home with an online group! Using the Zoom platform, I stream a class in real time, offering suggestions if I can see you, and practicing/modeling the poses with you. Join with or without your video on, from anywhere in the world.

Blended In-Person & Online Classes

Just as the name implies, this type of class is a blend between online and in-person – some folks are practicing in a physical location with me, and some are joining via Zoom. Pick what works for you!

Recorded Classes

You can now access classes I’ve previously taught to practice in your own time! Formats vary, from full 60- or 75-min classes, to 20- or 30-min short sequences for a quick movement break. Free and paid versions are available.

You can find my live weekly schedule, class type and location, and dates I’m subbing classes on the Classes tab. Recorded classes are (appropriately) in the Video Library.


Formats and prices vary

Workshops are NOT just longer asana classes. They differ from regular classes in three primary ways: they have a more specific focus, they last longer, and there is more feedback and discussion available with yours truly. I love this format because, let’s face it, I can happily nerd out about yoga all day long.  

Just like group classes, some workshops are in-person only, some are blended live and online, and some are online-only. Go the to Workshops tab to see what’s currently being offered; you can also explore future and past workshops, and sign up to be notified about the ones that interest you most.

Quick Tips

Connecting yoga and body awareness

Are you just looking for something – anything – to make your back pain go away? Or are there a couple of poses you never seem comfortable in? One of my main motivations in teaching yoga is to increase your body awareness both on and off the mat, whether or not you have time for a full class, know the “right” pose name, or have ever joined a class before. If you just need some good stretches or minor pose tweaks, I have some free 5-min tips and tricks to get you in your body and help you feel better right away.

Private Yoga Lessons

Looking to tune up your practice? Private lessons are a stellar format for checking in with specific poses, asking for workarounds due to injury, or building to a challenge pose you’ve wanted to try.


60 minutes – $130

90 minutes – $175

Online via Zoom

60 minutes – $100

90 minutes – $140

I believe in using private lessons as check ins, where we dive deep into your questions so you can apply the information in your everyday life and any group classes you take. Depending on what you need, we might have a lesson every two months or once a year – it’s designed to enhance, not replace, your regular practice.

Please email yoga@amanda-energy.com to request a time to schedule; regular hours are not currently set (as I have to find child care each time).

Invite a friend and save!

Two heads are better than one, they say, and I agree! If you’d like to have a one-on-two lesson with a friend or partner, add the other person for only $50 (online or in-person).

Self Paced Courses Coming Soon

Philosophy and Meditation Programs are in Development

Over time, I will be creating more online offerings so you can practice and learn on your own schedule. Stay tuned!