Overview, Pricing, and Workshops

COVID-19 Adjustments

(Last updated 7/14/20)

In-person classes have be profoundly impacted by the coronavirus, with many offerings moving online (myself included). Studios are slowly reopening for business, and my teaching schedule is currently a mix of small, in-person classes, and online options. Please see the Calendar page for public online class offerings.

Private lessons are still being offered online-only. You can schedule through the link below, or send me an email if you would like to find a different time than what’s available.

Current Workshop: Mechanics of Movement for Teachers

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Pre-registration required

Pay in 2 installments of $270

(1st installment reserves your spot; the 2nd installment is due before October 17th.)

Or save $50 by paying in full: $490 

Please note that Saturday sessions will take place in Lynnwood, from 10am-1pm, outdoors, with social distancing and wearing masks.

Class will be limited to 12 participants.

Feel free to download and share!

Teaching yoga is much like practicing it – a beautiful balance of body and mind, knowledge and instinct. Although any poses we offer can build students’ strength and flexibility, how do we help them add value and take it deeper? In this new era of online classes, how do we clearly communicate to students what we’re asking, or tailor our cues to individuals? By exploring the body’s design, bringing conscious awareness into small movements, and finessing our language, we can deepen and enrich our offerings, whether in person or virtually.

In this 6-week online series, we will explore how the shape of our bones and the capacity of our muscles influence yoga postures, and thus our students. We’ll discuss how to target specific postures or muscle groups, and bring a greater awareness into every movement. You’ll learn some basic, applicable anatomy, and try out the concepts immediately in poses. Discover how to think critically about poses, adapt for unique movement patterns, and why some oft-repeated yoga cues may actually be limiting or even hurting your class.

Each week on Monday, we’ll focus on a different part of the body and pose family:

  • Week 1 – Workings of the spine, and activating bandhas to support it
  • Week 2 – Variations in foot and hip placement, both standing and in forward folds
  • Week 3 – Staying safe and strong in the three families of backbends, and poses in the warrior 1 family (staggered feet)
  • Week 4 – How your pelvis shapes how your hips open, and poses in the warrior 2 family (when legs are wide)
  • Week 5 – Accessing and integrating the arms and shoulder blades, especially through sun salutations
  • Week 6 – Supporting twists, and balancing on arms and legs

In addition, we’ll gather together** for two 3-hour workshops to deepen our experience of these concepts in our bodies. Workshop 1 (Oct 17th, week 2.5) will take you through a class to feel how a distinctly cued sequence can add depth; we’ll also discuss increasing cueing value and incorporating anatomy principles into your particular style and audience. Workshop 2 (Nov 14th, final session after week 6) will focus on seeing the nuances in others’ bodies, as well as vocabulary and key phrases to take both online and live students to a deeper level.

Come prepared to workshop poses while developing greater control and awareness of your body’s individual blueprint. You’ll leave this class with a better understanding of how poses are built in any body, a set of tools to think critically about any posture, and some new approaches to keep yourself and your students both safe and challenged. Be prepared to discuss, experience, and ask questions. Whether you’re stuck in a verbal rut or already an anatomy nerd, this series will deepen your understanding (and articulation) of how bodies are meant to move.

**In-person sessions will be outdoors in Lynnwood, observing social distancing and wearing masks. If the weather is uncooperative, these sessions will be moved online for the same time and dates. The exact address will be emailed out after registration and before the first class; feel free to contact Amanda or Sara if the location influences whether you can register.

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Asana/Movement Practices

Let’s face it – you think of yoga, you think of movement. I think that’s wonderful! Exploring movement through asana is a great way to increase strength, flexibility, and an understanding of this lovely bone & muscle contraption we move through the world. My focus when teaching is to help you dive deeper to your internal practice, while supporting your individual body with its own unique alignment. Be prepared to challenge yourself on multiple levels! (That being said, I rarely push you to the point of soreness or exhaustion 🙂 )

Private Yoga Lessons

60 or 90 minutes

$ 140 or $200

Looking to tune up your practice? Private lessons are a stellar format for checking in with specific poses, asking for workarounds due to injury, or building to a challenge pose you’ve wanted to try. I believe in using these as check ins, where we dive deep into your questions so you can apply the information in your everyday life and public classes. Depending on what you need, we might have a lesson every two months or once a year – it’s designed to enhance, not replace, your regular practice.

Invite a friend and save!

Two heads are better than one, they say, and I agree! If you’d like to have a one-on-two lesson with a friend or partner, add the other person for only $50.


Public Yoga Classes

4-6 times a week

Prices vary by location

A public class is a great way to move your body, get to know my teaching style, and explore whether I’m a good fit for what you’re looking for. You can find my regular weekly classes, their locations, and dates I’m subbing classes on the Calendar tab.


Prices vary by location

Workshops are NOT just longer asana classes. They differ from regular classes in three primary ways: they have a more specific focus, they last longer, and there is more feedback and discussion available with yours truly. I love this format because, let’s face it, I can happily nerd out about yoga all day long. Click the Calendar button above to see short descriptions of all current workshops, or scroll down to see richer versions of workshops I’m offering independently.


Additional Online Programs Coming Soon

Philosophy, Meditation, Short Asana Classes, and more!

I have a lot of ideas in development. I definitely want to create more online offerings so you can practice and learn on your own schedule. Stay tuned!