Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Adapting the practice for pregnant students

Date & Time

May 20th, 2023
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM (PST)


The Yoga Tree in Fremont
4250 Fremont Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103



$80 Early Bird (by May 5th)
$100 Full Price (after May 5th)
Course is limited to 13 students

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Support Pregnant Bodies in Class

There are numerous studies that have shown practicing yoga during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial to maintain strength and peace of mind, and to help prepare for labor and delivery. Prenatal yoga has begun to be recommended by midwives, doulas, and doctors as a regular part of a pregnancy regimen.

Not all students choose to attend a prenatal class, however. Whether for convenience, familiarity, or exploration, some pregnant bodies will choose to come to a regular hatha or vinyasa class. How can a teacher best support these people?

Many poses are safe and supportive for pregnant bodies, but modifications and adaptations will be needed as the body changes and the pregnancy advances. Knowing how to help your students adapt their practice, both throughout their pregnancy and during postpartum, is key for their health and well-being during this changing time.

What you’ll learn

  • How to adapt asana for pre and postnatal students using the support of props
  • The contraindications of various asana and pranayama, and how to offer appropriate alternatives
  • What discomforts and symptoms pregnant students may be experiencing during each trimester, including postnatal
  • The anatomical and physiological changes that occur during each trimester, including postnatal
  • How a prenatal class sequence differs from a regular class sequence
  • Appropriate etiquette when asking questions, and how to hold space for this transformational time in a birthing person’s life

What you’ll need

Bring your yoga mat; all other props will be provided.

If you have a round meditation cushion and a scarf, bring them along for a bit of fun. (If you don’t have a cushion, don’t worry, it’s not required.)

An online handout will be provided before the class. Many people like to take notes, and choose to bring pen and paper, or their printed handout.

Lastly – bring a sense of humor, a spirit of inquiry, and all the questions about pregnancy that you’ve been gathering over time.


  • Is this class only for teachers?

This class is designed for yoga teachers or teachers-in-training, yes.

  • Is this a prenatal certification?

No. A Prenatal Certification program is 85 hours long; this class is merely designed to help you better understand modifications for pregnancy in a standard class.

  • I have a question not answered here…

My inbox is always open! Ask away:

Certificates will be issued at the end of class for four Yoga-Alliance-Approved CE hours.

Reviews & Testimonials

“I’ve been practicing yoga for 4+ years, but I still have soooo many questions… happily, Amanda has answers! Working one-on-one with her was a tremendous opportunity to re-focus my practice. Based on her ideas for me and my list of challenging poses, Amanda made some eye-opening small but powerful adjustments, which we immediately put into action. Just a simple shift of my standing stance brought newfound stability and flexibility to multiple poses. Amazing! One private lesson has transformed my time in all my classes, even with other instructors. And hey, it was fun, too. So glad I took the plunge. Thanks, Amanda!”

—Mark, 51

I got to learn about the specifics of my body which will help all parts of my practice.


Amanda is funny, warm, non-judgemental and she is an excellent instructor who deeply understands her subject and knows how to explain it.


Amanda’s teaching is so intentional. Her knowledge of alignment and ways of implementing it in class surpasses most other instructors I know. I feel safe, supported, and like I’m absolutely doing something to benefit my body and not just look good on my instagram page.

–Sara, 31, yoga teacher

I just really love Amanda’s style. She is very analytical and precise when it comes to discussing human anatomy and I enjoyed learning from her. Her cues and what to look for in the asanas we covered were descriptive and so easy to follow! 

– Taffy, 46