Mechanics of Movement

A Deep Dive Into Your Yoga Practice

Date & Time

Jan 20th-Feb 24th, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (PST)


Online via Zoom


Pay in Full $295
Two installments of $170
(Less than $60/class + a bonus below)

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Personalize your practice

Moving through yoga classes is a beautiful balance of body and mind – physical effort and mental presence. While repeating poses can build strength, flexibility, and familiarity with the movements, how do we take it a step deeper? In this era of group classes, how do we tailor our practice to our own body? By exploring how the body is designed, and bringing more conscious awareness into each movement, we can deepen and enrich our presence in our practice.

In this 6-week online series, we will explore how the design of our bodies – i.e. the shape of our bones and the capacity of our muscles – influence our yoga postures. We’ll discuss how to target specific postures or muscle groups, and bring a greater awareness into every movement. You’ll learn some basic, applicable anatomy, and try out the concepts immediately in poses that are explained with detail. Discover how to adapt certain poses to your unique movement patterns, and why some oft-repeated yoga habits may actually be limiting or even hurting you.

Registration is currently closed.

This round of the series is no longer accepting registration. But if you want to be notified the next time it’s offered, just send an email to:

What you’ll learn

Each week, we’ll focus on a different part of the body and pose family. More importantly, we’ll learn and apply principles of movement that can help you logic through any pose you’ll meet in the present or future.

Week 1
We’ll introduce the Principles of Movement, and go over how they apply to the spine. You’ll learn what “good posture” actually is, how to activate bandhas to support it, and common pose pitfalls that hurt your back.

Week 2
This week completes the introduction of the Principles, and covers how personal variations in foot and hip placement affect poses. Common standing poses and forward folds will be discussed.

Week 3
We’ll discuss how to stay safe and strong in the three families of backbends, and practice poses in the warrior 1 family (i.e., poses with staggered feet as a base).

Week 4
This week is all about hip openers – specifically how variations in your pelvis influence what shapes your legs should and shouldn’t take. This includes standing hip openers, like poses in the warrior 2 family (when legs are wide).

Week 5
Learn how to support your sun salutations – we’ll apply the principles we’ve been reviewing to access and integrate the arms and shoulder blades in postures with hands on the earth.

Week 6
We wrap up our series by discussing twists and balancing poses, both on the arms and on the legs.


Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to take your practice to the next level, this series will absolutely deepen your understanding of how your body is meant to move.

What happens in a class

In our two hours together, we’ll cover a lot of mental material by discussing how bones and muscles shape a pose family, and what personal variations might be affecting your experience. We’ll intersperse the discussions with movement, starting with a warmup sequence, and workshopping roughly five poses per class. There is plenty of time to ask questions, explore shapes, and master the concepts presented; it is not just two hours of movement.

A primary goal of this series is to inform your brain about the body, then translate that information into a physical understanding. This method will give you greater control and awareness of your body’s individual blueprint. You’ll leave this series with a better understanding of how poses are built in the body, and how to keep yourself safe and challenged – even if you encounter a pose you’ve never tried. 

What you’ll need

For the yoga portion, all you need is a yoga mat and enough space to lay it out. A blanket to cushion the knees is highly recommended. If you have two blocks and a strap (or items that work as substitutions), more variations can be explored, but they are not required for learning.

On the technical side, you need a Zoom account with a working microphone and webcam. For the best results, you want a setup that gets most of your body on screen, so I can give you feedback on how to tailor your poses. You’ll want to be close to the screen during the discussions, and further away during the practices.

Some people like to take notes, and choose to bring pen and paper.

Lastly – bring a sense of humor! I will almost certainly make some bad jokes and stretch for some puns. 😀

Registration is currently closed.

This round of the series is no longer accepting registration. But if you want to be notified the next time it’s offered, just send an email to:

But wait, there’s more!

In the interest of thoroughly embodying the principles we discuss, I want to give you a chance to practice a full class with our discussions in mind. During our series, my Tuesday Hatha Livestream classes will focus on poses we’ve covered the week before (so on Tue 1/26, you’ll see poses from Wed 1/20). Once you register, you’ll receive a code to get these six classes absolutely free! (The code will be good for dates specific to the series: 1/26/21 to 3/3/21.)

Can’t make the bonus classes?

Never fear! If you register, you’ll have exclusive access to rent the recordings of the live classes at a special price. (Due to technology restrictions, it does have to be an additional charge.) This option lets you practice the tailored classes on your own time for up to a month. You’ll get 6 classes for only $20!

Still not sure? See some FAQs

  • What if I’m not good at yoga? Or if I’m a beginner?

No problem! This class takes it slow and steady. You don’t have to know anything about yoga to get started, and you won’t be asked to do poses beyond your level. It’s all about tailoring it to YOU.

  • Do I have to be on camera?

Some people are self-conscious; I get it. While I strongly encourage you to be on camera, since that helps me give you the full experience, it’s not an absolute requirement. Remember, most students won’t be looking at you, just me; and, we can always chat before class or registration if you’re not sure of your comfort level.

  • I have an injured (___). Will this class aggravate my injury?

Absolutely not. This class is actually ideal for people with injuries, because we analyze how the body ought to move, which often gives insight to why an injury occurred in the first place. Plus, we take it slowly, and you can back off if an injury starts ‘talking’ to you.

  • I have a conflict with some of the dates. Should I still sign up?

That depends on how many classes you might be missing. The first class is mandatory, to get you acquainted with the group and the format, but all other classes will be recorded and available to rewatch for up to 2 weeks. One of the best parts of this series is the interactive nature, though, and watching a recording won’t get you the full experience. I recommend that, if you know you have conflicts with more than two dates, you wait until it’s offered again.

  • I have a question not answered here…

My inbox is always open! Ask away: 

Come Prepared

Bring your yoga mat, a blanket, and (if you have them) two blocks and a strap! Wear clothes you’re comfortable moving in, and get cozy in front of your Zoom screen.

Do You Teach?

There’s a teacher-specific version of this class, good for CE credit! It includes two additional sessions that focus on observing others’ bodies and cueing tailored to their individual bodies. Coming back in spring 2021; email if you want to be on the interest list.

Reviews & Testimonials

“I’ve been practicing yoga for 4+ years, but I still have soooo many questions… happily, Amanda has answers! Working one-on-one with her was a tremendous opportunity to re-focus my practice. Based on her ideas for me and my list of challenging poses, Amanda made some eye-opening small but powerful adjustments, which we immediately put into action. Just a simple shift of my standing stance brought newfound stability and flexibility to multiple poses. Amazing! One private lesson has transformed my time in all my classes, even with other instructors. And hey, it was fun, too. So glad I took the plunge. Thanks, Amanda!”

—Mark, 51

I got to learn about the specifics of my body which will help all parts of my practice.


Amanda is funny, warm, non-judgemental and she is an excellent instructor who deeply understands her subject and knows how to explain it.


Amanda’s teaching is so intentional. Her knowledge of alignment and ways of implementing it in class surpasses most other instructors I know. I feel safe, supported, and like I’m absolutely doing something to benefit my body and not just look good on my instagram page.

–Sara, 31, yoga teacher

I just really love Amanda’s style. She is very analytical and precise when it comes to discussing human anatomy and I enjoyed learning from her. Her cues and what to look for in the asanas we covered were descriptive and so easy to follow! 

– Taffy, 46